The Serendipity Experience


Amanda O’Shea from The Serendipity Experience approached PR Costa Blanca as she had a new range of services she wanted to launch called ‘Dream Weekends’. Her main issue was that the company already existed and was extremely popular which meant she didn’t have time to carry out the work herself. She was looking for the weekends to be created from the ideas and notes she had, and then the relevant advertising to be added to her already existing site. She also wanted her regular newsletter to be created and sent out once a week as it had only had one or two issues previously, plus she wanted tech lessons for her computer to show her how to actively manage her own Facebook page once we had finished our setup process. To match all of this, Amanda wanted The Serendipity Experience to have regular marketing consultancy to keep the project on track and ensure growth throughout the year.


Initially we agreed a regular meeting time for each month and then created an email address for Amanda to use for all communication. Amanda was keen to be able to send over her ideas whenever she wanted so the email address was a great way to ensure nothing got missed and to keep track of the audit trail. In the regular meetings, we worked with The Serendipity Experience team to bring the weekends to fruition by drafting out the activities Amanda wanted to happen and then create this is fun, easy to read PDF documents that would detail the weekends itineraries. Using out content creation services, every document was approved by The Serendipity Experience team to ensure that they actively represented the Dream Weekends and the company ethos.  PR Costa Blanca also amended the social media page of The Serendipity Experience and gave Amanda lessons and a Social Media schedule which would highlight the different areas of the business without taking up Amanda’s time. PR Costa Blanca also worked with The Serendipity Experience to create a newsletter template that would be sent out to her database of clients on a weekly basis. Amanda wanted fun, informative and not heavy on the sales, so to avoid lengthy articles, she employed our video marketing services which meant filming her talking about her chosen subject on a regular basis and editing these before placing on The Serendipity Experience YouTube page.


The Serendipity Experience has seen their Facebook page go form sporadic comments which confused Amanda’s personal profile with the business Facebook page to more pages likes each each week constant interactions from the audience. The newsletter receive regular positive and praise and has a steady stream of opens and ‘click-throughs’ too showing that the clients are happy with the content. The weekend PDF’s have been used to advertise the coming weekends as well as to inform the Dream Weekend guests what the itinerary is and has receive high praise from Amanda on both the content creation and the design aspect leading to it being used on The Serendipity Experience website as well.  The videos and regular meetings still occur throughout each month to ensure that we meet production goals and the content is current.

The Serendipity Experience