Suzy’s Furniture Warehouse


Suzanne met the PR Costa Blanca team at a Telitec business lunch and tendered two different clients for a new website and the creation and management of a Facebook page. After meeting both sets of tenders, Suzanne commissioned PR Costa Blanca as she said “things were better explained and their understanding of the business seemed better”. Suzanne wanted a website to renew her existing site for Suzy’s Second Hand Furniture and a new Facebook page to bring in regular new clients, advertise the location and to sell new items of furniture.


We met with Suzanne and she dictated the content for the site which we then wrote up for her approval. Meanwhile the website for Suzy’s Furniture Warehouse was created from a template and gave the user a simple and easy to use experience. The Facebook page was started immediately which included a page overhaul to boost the visibility of the page like a new logo and regular posts. The page was also shared in various groups to increase the reach.


Suzanne was very pleased with her site and was launched immediately to coincide with Suzy’s Furniture Warehouse’s birthday celebration. The Facebook page also brought in a steady stream of online clients following new likes and comments for a variety of items.  Suzy’s Furniture Warehouse has also seen a large increase in clients on Sunday for the popular Pedreguer Rastro market where Suzy’s is situated.

Suzy's Second Hand furniture