Nostro Cafe Costa


Due to a recommendation from JustJuice Spain, Junior from Nostro Cafe Costa got in contact with PR Costa Blanca to manage their social media. The cafe had seen a recent increase in customers due to the temporary closure of a nearby bar so wanted to keep this momentum going. Despite being on Instagram and Twitter, it was advised that the Facebook page would be the place to concentrate.


Due to the mixed nationality of the customers visiting Nostro Cafe Costa, it was agreed that all posts would be available in English and Spanish however these must be translated by a fluent speaker who we have on the team at PR Costa Blanca. To further increase the likes on the page, a paid advertising campaign would also be taking place once approved by Junior. On our advice, Junior and the team at Nostro Cafe Costa would also be submitting more photos for use each week.


The Facebook launch was successful with increased reach and likes immediately following a successful campaign. With the addition of sponsored posts to give boosts at well timed intervals, the page is now regularly visited by both Spanish and English speaking followers. There is also an increased level of reviews and positive comments. Due to this success, the page management is continuing.

Nostro cafe costa in javea's logo