Mi Tiempo Retreat


Dee Springer was looking for a website to represent her retreat in Spain. Mi Tiempo was successfully receiving enquiries and bookings through other media such as AirB&B, but needed it’s own online presence. Dee had a very specific look and feel that she wanted to display on the site but found it hard to communicate this at times and therefore needed a company that would carefully listen and be prepared to interpret and change accordingly.


PR Costa Blanca met with Dee and took note of all the elements that she wanted the site to deliver to potential clients. There was a immediate need to keep the site simple to ensure Dee was able to update in the future. Content notes were provided and we worked with Dee to deliver page text that was simple and to the point as requested.


Mi Tiempo Retreat now has an online presence and Dee has a website that met all of her criteria in terms of look and functionality ready for the 2016 season to begin.

Mi Tiempo Retreat