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Clive Sinclair from the popular Javea based massage company contacted PR Costa Blanca as he wanted an updated version to his existing Massage Remedies Javea website which had been built several years previous. To further boost his business, he decided on a regular social media campaign on Facebook that would gain more followers from the local area, following a revamp to the existing page which had become confused with his personal profile. Finally, Massage Remedies wanted to offer lots of free information and advice to their client database so they also added on the newsletter management service.


PR Costa Blanca met with Clive and (using their existing site as rough guide) worked through the new site and the desired look and feel. We crafted a temporary logo which is still in use and separated the Facebook page and Clive’s personal profile so that potential clients could see that the business was still operating and this gave Clive the use of his personal page as he wished. Clive also asked for Facebook lessons to aid him in his Facebook marketing, and we provided a Massage Remedies schedule that he agreed to. We also revamped the Massage Remedies Facebook page so that you could get all of the information immediately with continual links to the site. The website was created to be both ‘clean’ and informative so that the clients could glean all the information they needed quickly whilst seeing the site as professional. PR Costa Blanca optimised the site with our free SEO services which has seen the page visible on the front page of certain search engines. We also offered a free content writing service which (once amended by Clive as a professional masseuse) was then used on the site. We provided Massage Remedies Javea with our newsletter template which was approved and following content from Clive (which is turned into SEO friendly blogs) is sent out regularly to his clients.


The Massage Remedies Javea Facebook immediately received enquiries once we made the changes and we also received thanks from Clive for separating his page and the tech lessons which meant he could use it as he wished. He was also happy with the site which received enquiries whilst also informing clients about his services and common injuries that he could help with. The newsletter also grows regularly and has a high level of ‘opens’ and ‘click throughs’, which is also noticed by the subjects in the article and the increase in bookings for that particular service.

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