JustJuice Spain


JustJuice Spain contacted PR Costa Blanca for the full business development service. As a new company setting up in Spain, they came to us with a business name but needed a logo design, a functioning website to allow orders, social media set up and management, plus content creation to populate these. Finally JustJuice Spain also expressed interest in our video marketing services to reach out to a larger audience. We agreed a time frame and began working together.


As JustJuice Spain wanted to start selling their fresh juices and soup immediately, we first started with the logo design to give the company a recognisable logo that represented their product. It is standard practice with PR Costa Blanca to set up an email address for the client so that they can email any queries when they wish as well as keeping a full audit trail for both parties. Once they had approved a logo from the three provided, we set up their Facebook page with all the relevant information and agreed a social media schedule. This schedule was designed to gain a following from people interested in juices in Spain but also to allow people to purchase through the messenger service. PR Costa Blanca then created the JustJuice Spain website which included FAQ, delivery information and the full range of products to allow the company to promote the health benefits of the juices. As standard, we completed our SEO updates on each page so that JustJuice Spain would rise up the Google rankings. Once the website was launched, PR Costa Blanca then started to create the regular newsletter that would include bespoke content from JustJuice Spain’s blog and site as created by us. We also then worked with the team from JustJuice Spain to film and edit videos that would highlight the business in the local area and would also be used on the newsletter. A regular date was arranged for the newsletters to go out as well as posting on the social media.


JustJuice Spain is now 1 year on and are extremely happy with their development from their original brief. They are now selling juices all over Spain to many new clients and constantly growing to a wider audience through their social media and website. Plus their newsletter has a high rate of opening and ‘click throughs’ to purchase products.

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