PR Costa Blanca Services

PR Costa Blanca offers a wide range of services to benefit you and your business, and our expert team will help you to choose exactly what’s right for you. We have years of experience in helping businesses to grow and increase recognition from customers, so you can rest assured that we will meet your expectations. Our list of services below will explain exactly what you get with each and you can tailor make a programme too by picking and choosing:

Social Media Management

It isn’t enough to just have a website nowadays, you also need an active social media presence for customers to feel secure to use you. Regular posting, interesting content and up-to-date information is what’s needed but isn’t manageable for many busy business owners. Our campaigns can help you get your life back and take the stress out of social media, one of the most important areas of any business in the modern world. We can guide you to the most influential platform which changes for each product and service to increase sales and noticeability.

Website Design

Whether you have an existing website that you’re not happy with or you’re looking for a purpose built site to advertise your business, sell your products and act as your virtual shop window, we can help you. Our no-nonsense approach will get you the website you want, built to your specifications, plus we will explain the Content Management System (CMS) on a level that you feel comfortable with.

Promotional Videos

Videos are one of the fastest ways to get people to notice your business and we can help you take that step. From demonstrations to tours of your venue, we can help to advertise everything you have to offer. Plus, if you’re having an event we can offer video motion graphics from a leading UK company to keep the night looking modern. To look at some of the videos we’ve made for clients, Click Here to go to our YouTube page.

Email Marketing & Blogs

Newsletters and Blogs are the new ‘leaflet through the letter box’, it’s got to be interesting, fun to read and be able to sell your product and business. Keeping to a regular update schedule can be hard so allow PR Costa Blanca keep you on track, or if you’d prefer, let us create it for you. We’ll manage your databases and ensure that it links all your business elements together.

Content Creation

  • Content Creation

“Content is King” said Bill Gates, and he’s not wrong. Once you’ve got the attention of the potential customer, you need to easily transition them to a place where they want to make a sale (or similar) and the most affective way is through clear and concise content. Whether you’re finding it hard to list the benefits of a product, struggling to write a blog or (the hardest of all) lacking the words to describe yourself or your business, PR Costa Blanca have the skills to create the content for your blog, website and social media.

Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design

To help your business stand out as a professional company, our graphic design services can keep you up-to-date and properly advertised. For when a Microsoft Word poster just doesn’t cut it, PR Costa Blanca can create logos, Facebook graphics (including cover and profile photos), flyers, business cards, brochures, business presentations, and much much more to move your business in the 21st century.


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Once you’ve got yourself a website, you’ve got to let people know that it’s there otherwise it’s like “winking at a girl in the dark”, you know you’re doing it, but no one else does! Getting your site listed and high in the rankings on Google and Bing can be a very stressful part of modern day business, so let the experts at PR Costa Blanca boost your page with regular back office changes and content creation.

Proof Reading

  • Proof reading

For many people, finding a spelling mistake in an article or on a website can undermine the entire message you are trying to get out there. Our proof reading services will keep your spelling and grammar in check and help you to look professional.

Technology Lessons

  • Technology Lessons

Many people on the Costa Blanca are afraid of technology, and that’s ok. The whole world is changing and like many who didn’t have computers at school and weren’t born into a technical age, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the new systems, programmes and gadgets that are available. We will work with you at a pace you feel comfortable to help you understand your computer, teach you nifty tricks with your phone or show you how to get the most out of your business through your tablet.

Think there’s something we’ve missed? Get in touch now with PR Costa Blanca and we can offer a bespoke quote for any area you’d like us to help you with. Our experts can have your online business presence up and running in no time at all and you’ll be able to relax in our hands.

Computer Repairs

Don’t let your online business have any downtime with PR Costa Blanca’s Computer Fixing and IT Services. From dodgy volume to a browser that won’t let you click where you want, our team of experts are here to help you. We can offer over the telephone services if you’d prefer, or we come to you. We offer the most competitive prices for IT services on the whole of the Costa Blanca.

Property Marketing

  • Property Marketing

Looking to setup and maintain an AirB&B account for your home or properties? Perhaps you are an estate agent that needs to promote your business on the growing world of social media. At PR Costa Blanca we work with you to grow your exposure, develop your brand and get results. In addition we are partnered with an established property website and software provider who are able to offer comprehensive solutions for Estate agents.