Is Print Media Dead?

by / Tuesday, 06 December 2016 / Published in Marketing, Print Media, Social Media
Are magazines and Newspapers on the Costa Blanca Dead?

We regularly get asked about the value of print media advertising, whether it’s local magazines or regional newspapers, there are a lot to choose from! We believe that there are still benefits to be had by a full and varied marketing campaign that encompasses well planned print advertising.

Unlike social media or websites, it can be difficult to evaluate the success of a printed advertisement if you are not collating your leads. This is especially challenging if you are a business that deals with walk-in trade where the opportunity to gain all-important analytics is often not there.

In order to ascertain if your business will benefit from a paper or magazine advert you should always get the vital statistics: coverage, distribution, how other businesses have performed in a same or similar profession/industry, are your competitors advertising and are there testimonials?¬†Negotiate a trial period, remember, digital advertising can be switch on and off in seconds and has available statistics for you to analyse. You should never commit valuable marketing budget to medium/long term commitments unless you are sure that it will offer a return on investment. If a publisher wants your business they’ll offer an initial deal that is good for you from which you can then monitor the results.

Quality is also key. Look over the publication and ensure it’s has a good layout, readable fonts, proof read and that other adverts are clear. Public perception of your brand is important!

If the publisher offers advertorials or free editorial, ensure you read it before it goes to print. If you are not happy with what has been written, send it back until you are. Print is out there and cant be amended, unlike a Facebook post!

What else does the magazine or paper offer? Will you get on their website and receive vital website back links? Do you get a well-timed post on the publisher’s social media? All of these additional benefits can make the difference.

So the key to print is value for money. Social media continues to reach the majority of ages and for ever growing markets, whilst established publications have a loyal audience that can tapped as long as the publication is good. Just some advice for the team at PR Costa Blanca who have over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. If this has piqued your interest in our services, get in contact now.