About Us At PR Costa Blanca

See a need, fill a need!

PR Costa Blanca Founders

Cris, Jason & Foxi (the office dog!)

PR Costa Blanca is a company built with your needs in mind, whether you’re a small business looking to increase customer footfall or you’re a big business wanting to run a national campaign, PR Costa Blanca has the skills and the knowledge to help you get to the next level.

Whilst working in Spain for over five years, the owners Cris West and Jason Wootton noticed that businesses on the Costa Blanca were lacking the computer skills, knowledge and time needed to successfully manage an online presence alongside running their own business. PR Costa Blanca was created to help the little man, from a small ‘social media’ package, to bespoke website creation, and everything needed in between.

We promise to listen to your needs and give advice on strategies to improve your marketing. Whether you’re the kind of person who wants to know how the campaign is run, or you’re quite happy to let the experts take control, we cut through the jargon to bring your purpose built campaign to life.

PR Costa Blanca offers:

  • Website Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Building
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Campaigns including Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Newsletters and Blogs
  • Technology Lessons
  • Proof reading

You are able to pick and choose all of the services offered to suit you and your business and our competitive rates mean that you won’t break the bank, but you will increase the customers that visit your website or walk through your doors.

Jason, originally from the South West of England has run many successful marketing campaigns for various companies and has been headhunted for his skill set. Through his graphic design, websites and product development portfolio, he has worked for companies all over the world of various sizes to help them grow and understand their own businesses. During his career he has worked with many niche service providers including The British Florist Association and The Association for Stage Managers to name just a few.

His business partner Cris originates from the Midlands and has a passion for the English language. He proofreads and creates content for all manner of businesses and can work with you to create and improve your social media campaign for people of all technology levels. Cris is our social media manager and provides ongoing guidance and development of our client’s social media accounts.

Discover more about our services and find out how we engage with our clients on our customer terms of business.


PR Costa Blanca is a trading name of Christopher West. NIF Y1124696X. IVA No. ESY1124696X